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Richard The Talking Donkey


Great toy for developing your child's communication skills!

Richard will repeat everything you or your kid say, no matter what language you speak. He also repeats songs and laughter and can make great recordings.

Interactive plush toy  
The donkey is a multi-functional toy that can talk, sing, walk, and record.
He will repeat each sound with his strange voice!
Easy to operate, just insert the batteries and turn it on.

Fun and educational toy
Richard will stimulate your child's speaking and imitation skills, as well as his memory while stimulating brain development through multisensory stimulation.
Soft friend to cuddle
The donkey not only likes to talk and walk. With its soft and warm fur, it is a great companion while reading stories in the bed.
With the talking donkey, your child will never be bored!
Please note: Batteries are not included - 3 x AAA