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UFO Drone Mini

You won't believe how fun this UFO DRONE can be!

Just flip it and watch it go!

The UFO DRONE requires no remote and can be controlled simply by hand gestures! It uses high-tech infrared sensor technology, it detects and avoids obstacles on its own!

360* Sensor-Guided Hover Technology

The UFO DRONE auto rotates to detect obstacles.

The Mini Drone has four power motors that rotate quickly and provide power to fly and detect obstacles 360*.

Build-In LEDs make flying at night a blast!

 Safe and durable body!

This Mini Drone is made of high-quality non-toxic PP material, including the propeller guards, which makes it safe for children ages 3+.

It is very flexible, has strong impact resistance, to prevent damage when falling. 

Recharge with USB.

Simply connect it to the USB connector for 30 min to fully charge.

Flight time about 5-8 minutes.